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Leslie Pulsifer: Time manager extraordinaire

Leslie Pulsifer: Time manager extraordinaire

BY SPENCER LUYBEN She might just be Wonder Woman. Leslie Pulsifer is the Student Union clubs co-ordinator at Trafalgar, she’s in the third year of Animation – a renowned world-class program […]



Janice Galloway  with FACEIT members Greg Lowenthal (centre) and Mickey Mounes (right) during a bake sale for Autism Awareness Day

FACEIT club holds bake sale for Autism Awareness Day

STORY BY KATE WOODS Sheridan College’s FACEIT club held a bake sale on Wednesday for Autism Awareness Day to raise campus awareness about autism. FACEIT stands for Friends Accepting Challenges […]





Sheridan Shuttle Service

Sheridan College has partnered with the Sheridan Student Union to continue shuttle service during the summer months (May-August).

The buses will run from Monday -Friday, from 7am- 7pm, taking students and employees between our Davis, HMC, STC and Trafalgar Campuses.

For more details, including schedule information, please visit our website.







Artist: Kait Hill, Model: Saba Akhtar

Makeup students blend bodies with blankets

Students in the Makeup for Media and Creative Arts program were asked to do something usual for a final project: paint some bodies. The program, which is rare in Ontario, […]


Career Centre

No experience? No problem

No experience? No problem

STORY BY SPENCER LUYBEN Students looking to land an interview for their dream internship or job should pop in to see the employment consultants at the college’s Career Centre. They […]


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Bill begs for pit bull relief BY MARKO WOLOSHYN “Since Boss was three months old, he has had to be muzzled in public,” said Tara MacNeil, who’s had Boss for nearly nine years. “He’s never hurt another dog, person, or even the cat I had at one point.” Despite public outcry from Ontario dog owners and trainers as well as MPP Randy Hillier’s petition to lift the 2005 pit bull ban, the provincial government has not taken any action. The ban states that all Pit Bulls born after Nov. 27, 2005 must be shipped out of the province, given to a research facility or destroyed, and all remaining pit bulls born before this date must be sterilized, leashed and muzzled in public.
Tune in, turn on, say yes BY CHRIS COUTTS Sheridan’s Improv Club offers an escape without any of the typical withdrawal symptoms. Students seeking an escape from reality, or an excuse to scream, no longer need to rely on overpriced alcohol or designer drugs.
Brampton’s Dark Knight delivers strong message, big smile, to Davis Campus BY FRANK BUTTY "Brampton Batman has very little to do with me,” he said in the strong, deep voice he maintains when wearing his suit. “It has a lot to do with the community that sees me.” For years Batman has been patrolling Brampton’s streets, covering nearly 15 kilometres from dusk to dawn on foot. Acting as a symbol of “positivity”, he stands firmly against vigilantism and never carries a weapon, instead filling his wraparound utility belt with chapstick, tissues, a rope and beef jerky.
Students are invited to a town hall meeting tomorrow (Feb. 11) at 5 p.m. at Trafalgar’s gym in the Athletic Centre. It is regarding initiatives that are underway to ensure safety on campus after two assaults occurred last week, making that a total of 5 assaults on campus.
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Peel cops cuff cancer  at HMC shave-off

Peel cops cuff cancer at HMC shave-off

STORY AND PHOTOS BY VANESSA GILLIS It all started with one little boy who lost his hair to cancer. Cops for Cancer is an program that began in Edmonton in […]


Op Ed

A global village in poverty

A global village in poverty

STORY BY JUNE SEO When most people think about poverty they usually think about a Third World country. The reality is that poverty is much closer to home. On my […]


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